Can ya erase my MIL too?

So I got the phone call that strikes dread in the hearts of wives everywhere.

My mother in law called to say she was arriving one day early.

To say my house was not MIL ready would be a gross understatement.

As I started picking up toddler toys, cleaning toddler butt, recleaning the toddler toys after he drug them out again, in the back of my mind I knew that at some point I would actually have to CLEAN and not just push clutter under the bed and into closets.

As I tackled the guest bathroom – aka the lair of the MIL for the next 10 days, my trusty dusty anti bac wipe just wasn’t cutting it on a rust stain on the countertop.

Luckily, I had received a nice shiny new Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (MCME) in the mail two days ago. (I couldn’t make this up.) It had the Febreze fresh scent citrus & light which I could smell. through. the. box.

So I set the MCME to the task and went off to enjoy a well deserved beverage.

When I returned, this is what I saw.

Hm. Apparently I was going to have to ACTUALLY lift a finger to help the MCME do his job. No worries. Can do.

All righty then. I realized that while magic, I w0uld still need to be an active participant in this cleaning.

Here’s the result after the “soft cleaning side”

Here’s the result after the “tough erasing side” and a reasonable amount of elbow grease.

Score MCME 0, my non MIL ready home 1.

I moved on to the funky rusty funk around the drain in the tub.

After a swipe with the soft side….

And a swipe with the tough side ….

we were tied at MCME 1, my non MIL ready home 1. (My camera, on the other hand, gets a fat 0 – because for real, the drain looks way better than this photo shows.)

I headed downstairs to the evilest of all gunk in my home, the thing that continually thwarts my efforts of staying clean.

A single swipe with the soft side – viola – perfectly clean!

Final score MCME 2, my non MIL ready home 1. Winner – Mr. Clean Magic Eraser!

My take on it – I’d buy them, although I’ll pass on the Citrus & Light… that smell never did grow on me.

(Yup, BlogHer and Mr. Clean Magic Eraser sent me samples and paid me to review – which you probably guessed because girlfriend needs lots of motivation to clean the house. If you want to see more opinions and special tips – head to this BlogHer link.)



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Hey Lookie, I can review stuff now!

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